Hugh Steinmetz:   




    Trumpetplayer, composer, conductor, MD., born 15-02-1943.

    Started playing trumpet in 1957 and received lessons from Knud Hovaldt (1`ST trumpet and solo trumpet with The Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra and The Royal Symphony Orchestra) and Arnvid Meyer (esteemed jazz trumpet player). Played traditional jazz and swing in various groups, and formed in 1960 band with Franz Beckerlee (altosax). The band started out playing Miles Davis/John Coltrane inspired neo-bob, but was soon inspired by Ornette Coleman and developed later a very personal free form style (with Niels Harrit saw, Steffen Andersen bass and Bo Thrige Andersen drums). Under the name The Contemporary Jazz Quartet it recorded the LP "Action" in 1964 with Sonny Murray on drums, and the LP "Third Stream Music" with classical composer, pianist and performance-artist Niels Viggo Bentzon in 1965. The group performed at the Comblain-la-Tour international jazzfestival in 1964, and at various radiobroadcasts and a TV-show in Denmark.

    H.S. became in 1964 a member of The Vogel Brothers Sextet and worked at the same time as composer and soloist with The Danish Radio Jazz Group (big band). He participated as composer and soloist on the LP "The Radio Jazz Group" in 1965 together with Erik Moseholm and Ray Pitts and received same year the jazz-legacy from the Ministry of Culture.

    He was in 1966 elected "Danish Jazz Musician of the Year" by The Danish Jazz Academy and recorded same year the LP "Nu" ("Now") under his own name with Niels Harrit´s Sextet with Per Aage Brandt piano, Karsten Vogel altosax, Steffen Andersen bass and Bo Thrige Andersen drums. Participated in radiobroadcasts and concerts with Don Cherry, Archie Shepp, Gary Peacock, Albert Ayler, Rashied Ali, Roswell Rudd, John Tchicai, Louis Hjulmand, N.H.Ø.P. and many others. Played in 1966-67 with Peter Belli and Seven Sounds (soul-band) with Niels Harrit, Peter Ingemann and Willy Jønsson, and later with Melvis and His Gentlemen. Received in 1967 the newspaper Ekstra Bladet`s Rock-award. Recorded the LP "T.C.J.Q." in 1968 with The Contemporary Jazz Quintet, where the group experimented with electric amplified wind instruments. In 1967, H.S., John Tchicai, Finn Von Eyben, Giorgio Musoni and Karsten Vogel formed the group Cadentia Nova Danica together with Kim Menzer, Max Brüel and Steffen Andersen. In 1968 the group recorded the LP "John Tchicai and Cadentia Nova Danica" and in 1969 the LP "Afrodisiaca" with H.S. as co-leader and composer. In 1967 H.S. received a legacy from the Ministry of Culture`s Art Foundation. In 1969, Cadentia Nova Danica (now 26 musicians) was hired as a regular orchestra under The Danish Radio with John Tchicai and H.S. as composers and conductors and with regularly monthly broadcasts.


    In 1969 H.S. participated in Bremen (Germany) in the recording of the LP "European Echoes" with an international orchestra conducted by Manfred Schoof, and later same year in Baden-Baden in the recording of the LP "Gettin`to Know`ya All" with an international orchestra conducted by Lester Bowie. In the end of the `60s and the beginning of the `70s, H.S. worked with among others Peter Brötzmann and Peter Kowald at concerts in  Germany, Willem Breuker, Han Bennink and Misha Mengelberg at concerts in Holland and Belgium, John Stevens, Evan Parker, Derek Bailey and Paul Rutherford at concerts in Holland and Germany, Irene Schweizer and Pierre Favre at concerts in Copenhagen and with Claude Delcloo at concerts in Paris.

    H.S. toured in Denmark with John Tchicai, Misha Mengelberg, Han Bennink and Pierre Dørge, and worked on the Danish scene with Johnny Dyani, Giorgio Musoni, Ivan Krill, Michael Schou, Steen Claesson, Jesper Zeuten, Pierre Dørge and Lasse Lunderskov. Recorded with Burnin Red Ivanhoe 1969, Tom Bailey 1971 and Mickey Baker and Delta Blues Band on the LP "Tales From The Underdog" in 1975 with Niels Harrit, Holger Laumann and Flemming Quist Møller.

    Received in 1970 a legacy from The Danish State Art Foundation.

    H.S. had to give up trumpet playing in 1976 after a complicated surgery of the sinus, but in 1982, he started a study in musical science at The Institute of Musical Science under The University of Copenhagen. In 1986 he worked on a cautious retrain as a musician and worked with The University Big Band and Jeppe Tangs Quintet with Niels Nogel plus various experimenting groups.

    In 1990 H.S. graduated with a master's degree (cand.phil.) including a final special treatise on Joseph Schillinger and his System of Musical Composition.

    During the `90s H.S. worked with various groups: MI Big Band, Bent Ronak Big Band, Blue Heaven Big Band, Ancher Grøn Big Band, Orbit Big Band and DRAM Big Band, The Vogel Brothers Quintet and his own quartets and quintets with among others Bill Buchmann, Rasmus Welling, Marko Martinovic´, Nils Karlson and Simon Koppel. Worked with Christer Irgens Møller, Peter Friis Nielsen, Peter Ole Jørgensen and Michael Nielsen in the group "Spanner In The Works" and with the composers pool "SKRÆP".

    In 1993 H.S. formed the ensemble Hugh Steinmetz Octet and recorded with this band the CD "City Music" (own compositions) in 1994. In 1996 he formed the 17 piece orchestra Communio Musica and recorded the CD`s "Gate of Changes" and (not yet released) "Special Alloy" (both with own compositions). The band performed under Copenhagen City of Culture 1996, in the major art galleries Øksnehallen and Arken and under Copenhagen Jazz Festival 1998. H.S. also participated on the CD`s "Taylors Universe", "Taylors Universe, Pork" and "Heart Disc" under conduction of Robin Taylor.

    In 1999 H.S. was a member of the cultural project The Danish Wave with Orbit Big Band, The Tritonus Choir and Jesper Thilo under performances of Duke Ellington´s Sacred Concert in Washington and New York. He worked in Copenhagen with the American avant-garde alto saxophonist Luther Thomas, recorded (not yet released material) with Cim Meyer, Søren Eriksen, Jimmy Roger Petersen and Ole Rømer and participated in the performance of the work "Entity" by Vagn E. Olsson in The Second Opera.

    Received legacies from The Danish State Art Foundation in the years 1997, -98, -99 and 2000.





    (** =  big-band compositions or compositions for large orchestra)

    (## =  not performed in public)


    1964 Action (group compositions div. variations between 1964 og 1969)

    1964 Collusion

    1964 Collywobbles

    1964 Coquecigrue ##

    1964 Coquetterie

    1964 Euphonic

    1964 Feedlebum **

    1964 Fujijama **

    1964 Gizzy **

    1964 In The Name Of Beauty

    1964 Musu

    1964 Our Generation **

    1964 Refraction

    1964 Sound Like Arnoldi **

    1965 Buzzard **

    1965 Gin **

    1965 Lille suite **

    1965 Next Generation **

    1965 Nisshinbo **

    1965 Push Pull **

    1965 Ten Assorted Colours **

    1966 Basis For Improviseret Sav **

    1966 Cherry Leaps

    1966 Moonlight In Valby **

    1967 3/4 Vat 61 **

    1967 A Conventional Trip With Aunt **

    1967 A Piece For Spies ##

    1967 Appelsindans **

    1967 Esther **

    1967 Kanaltrip

    1967 Komtesse Helle **

    1967 Memory Of a Face **

    1967 Opus Statium **

    1968 Apollo **

    1968 Autumn **

    1968 Find Pilen Og Vind Det Næste Øjeblik ** ##

    1968 Reminiscensernes Ofre **

    1968 Suite Til Belysning Af Bevidstløshedens Og Det Evige

         Håbs Historie **

    1968 Tchiquillum **

    1968 Ti 49 -8

    1968 Zuølkerdans **

    1969 Afrodisiaca **

    1969 Jagtstykke

    1969 Mandra **

    1969 Requiem For En Kunstnerisk Mæcen

    1971 Asilah ##

    1971 Faster Than Time ##

    1971 I`m A Pupa ##

    1971 If I Could Tell You ##

    1971 If It Is Hard To Hear You ##

    1971 Not Slower ##

    1971 Take My Behaviour  ##

    1972 You And All The Others ##

    1981 Requiem For Svend Åge Tauscher ##

    1982 Fairy Girl ** ##

    1982 Gumption ** (købt af DR) ##

    1982 Magic Waters **

    1982 Relief **

    1992 Electric Dancer

    1992 Shopping

    1992 Street Wise

    1992 Strolling

    1992 The Dirty Side

    1993 Fighting

    1993 Oh - "You Bastard"

    1993 Society Mechanics

    1993 Traffic War Victims

    1994 Desert

    1996 Febris Vernalis ** (kammerorkester) ##

    1996 Mandra **

    1996 Stars and Mirrors

    1997 Autumn Tune **

    1997 Flower Power **

    1997 Metal Flower **

    1997 Piano Power **

    1997 SFX **

    1997 The Didgeeri Groove **

    1997 Under Different Skies **

    1998 Ah-Wah-Pah **

    1998 Global Community **

    1998 Many Faces **

    1999 A Human Thing





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